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Hammer Marine USA

USA Supplier of Lone Star

Hammer Marine Supply Co. LLC

We are the North American specialist suppliers of Lone Star Marine Drum Winches & Accessories products.

Not just another distributor, the staff at Hammer Marine are factory trained to handle all aspects of drum anchoring system operations from installation to maintenance and repairs. Our staff strive to make your purchase and product support experience the best available, just as the manufacturers would themselves.

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Florida Lone Star Marine
Forefront of boat anchor system design

LSM Built for Life

Lone Star Marine has continually been at the forefront of boat anchor system design since their inception.  They pride themselves on innovative product development and their strict quality control procedures which ensures that all their products stand the test of time in corrosive salt water environments. Winch Design & Manufacturing is completed in Melbourne, Australia utilizing western labor and modern manufacturing techniques. In this day and age lot of companies use words like ‘highest quality’ or make claims that are either stretched or without merit. While we cant prevent what others may claim, we can guarantee LSM specs and claims are accurate & customers will benefit from solid engineering, continuous R & D, commitment to industry, and consistent drive to deliver the best product.

Unlike inferior quality systems, LSM equipment stands the test of time just like products did in the old days. Quality components, proper sealing mechanisms and quality controlled manufacturing & assembly in a western facility, means that when you install an anchor system from Lone Star you won’t need to touch it again.

In fact they offer 5 year+ lifetime warranty on their products.

Our products last the harshest of conditions

Trusted by Australian Fishing Professionals

The oceans around Australia can be some of the most unforgiving waters in the world, especially in the southern oceans which is where Lone Star Marine’s Manufacturing and Head Offices are located. Their products were created out of the need for an anchoring system that could last in these harsh conditions and deliver better performance & value into a still affordable price point.

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